Marty’s World: Meet Abigail

Illustration of Abigail, the human - A Smart Way To Start
Marty knows Abigail since she was four, 
And instantly knew they‘d be friends evermore.
Abigail loves little insects that crawl,
Cute ones and creepy ones – she likes them all!
Ladybugs, beetles, wood ants and bees,
Even the earwigs – it’s odd she love these!
Think of the weirdest bugs that exist:
If they’ve got six legs, then they’re on her list! 
Grasshoppers, crickets, may bugs and moths,
Honey bees, bumble bees, hornets and wasps.
All things that scurry and all things that buzz:
Few people like them, yet Abigail does! 
She puts every person she knows to the test 
by asking them which little bugs they like best. 
Edmund’s top choice are blue dragonflies.
He loves how they hover and float in the sky. 
Abi asked Adam, who chose centipedes:
Because they can scuttle at very high speeds! 
Emma chose ladybugs, due to their spots:
Each spot brings good luck, so she likes them a lot! 
Beetles are certainly Izzy’s top pick:
She likes how they shine and their tiny legs stick! 
Butterflies must be in Marty’s top three:
she loves how they flutter and dance in the breeze! 
But actually there are two things she likes more!
The cutest of insects, she simply adores:
Green caterpillars, all squishy and plump,
And little brown twiggy ones, with a big hump!
She loves how they wriggle as they move along.
They nibble on leaves, and just eat all day long! 
Abigail laughs every time that she sees
A plumb little bug crawling up Marty’s sleeves!
She wants every person to learn to respect
Our world’s lovely insects, that we must protect.
Illustration of Abigail, the human - A Smart Way To Start
Favorite animal:
Honey bees because they are the most important pollinators of plants and of food crops. Without bees, human beings would only be able to live another four years. 
Favourite quote:
“Define ‘cute’…?”
Abigail is named after my daughter, Tyler Abigail Madison Harvey who inspires me every day. And despite her generic fear of bugs, she shares my love for caterpillars! 

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