Marty’s World: Meet Winston

Winston is Marty’s new Labrador pup. He runs very fast, she can barely keep up! … His light golden fur is as soft as can be, and Marty likes stroking his ears endlessly. … He likes to play catch and run after a ball, but he doesn’t come back, despite being called. … He’s still […]

Enjoy doing good this Christmas!


Christmas is approaching fast and it is the most wonderful time of the year! Maybe your children will be lucky enough to receive a gift of money from relatives and friends. So this is a perfect opportunity to put into practice the learnings from books 2 – A SMART WAY TO SAVE – and from […]

My Unexpected Learnings During The Fourth Book Launch

“A Smart Way To…” is only the beginning!  Financial responsibility and gender pay equality have always been dear to my heart and I’m glad that I’m helping parents slowly open up these conversations with their children. When I realized the huge impact parental guidance has on the financial habits of children, I set out to […]