Teaching Kids About Sustainability

Illustration of Marty with her mum shopping - A Smart Way To Start

In our busy daily lives, one thing that we don’t always spend enough time on is teaching our kids about responsible and conscious living. However, I believe that an important (and often overlooked) aspect of any financial parenting is sustainability. Why Teaching Your Kids About Sustainability Is Important What kind of world do we want […]

SmartPurse Event: The Importance of Teaching Kids About Money

Last April 21, I had the pleasure of delivering an online webinar hosted by SmartPurse. I was invited to talk about “How To Teach Your Kids About Money” in their Weekly Money Hour session. In this webinar, I got to talk to fellow parents about the importance of teaching your kids about money. I discussed why […]

Marty’s World: Meet Edmund

Illustration of Edmund, Marty's Brother - A Smart Way To Start

My bother is called Edmund.   He’s soon 12 years old. He enjoys going swimming,  even when it is cold. He loves going snorkelling  at the seaside, and plays by the rock pools  when it is low tide.    He wants to protect  all the oceans and seas, and make sure the water  is all plastic-free. […]

How To Teach Your Kids How To Save Money

Illustration of Marty with her savings goal - A Smart Way To Start

One thing that I want to talk about that may seem very obvious is how to teach your kids to save money. I talked about how important it is to teach your kids about money, to give them an allowance, and to open a bank account for them. Now, I want to talk about concrete […]

Marty’s World: Meet Adam


My father’s called Adam and he’s very tall. So tall that beside him I look very small! He enjoys telling jokes and he loves silly puns, We laugh – or we cringe – and it’s really such fun! My dad’s a great cook and I love what he bakes: the best apple crumble and coconut […]

Banking With Kids – Why Is It Important?

marty of a smart way to start

Part of any proper financial education is banking…and with that banking with kids becomes very important. Banking is the most important (and most basic) financial institution. Everyone will encounter the bank at some point in their lives, right? So it’s much better for your kids to be familiar with banking sooner than later. With my previous […]

Marty’s World: Meet Beatrix

marty's world: meet beatrix. a smart way to start by mara catherine harvey

My grandma is Beatrix. Her hair is all grey. She has lots of wrinkles that don’t go away. Her blue eyes light up whenever she smiles, and her favourite thing is walking for miles. She might not be young but she still is quite fit, she strolls through the fields and won’t stop to sit. […]

Bank Account for Kids — Do They Need It?

In my previous posts, I discussed allowances and ways to creatively pay your child. For this article, I want to bring up the importance of opening a bank account for your kids as early as possible. Here are some arguments why opening a bank account for your kids early on is one of the best things to do: […]

Marty’s World: Meet Emma

Emma, Marty's Mum

My mum is called Emma, and she’s such a dear. I admire her because she’s a smart engineer. She keeps on inventing new things every day, designing each piece in peculiar ways. Beyond all her gadgets, she really loves trees: she spends hours gardening, and saving the bees. She plants lots of flowers, so insects […]

My Experience at the World Economic Forum 2020

mara harvey at the world economic forum 2020

In January, I had the pleasure and privilege of becoming a resource speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos. I participated in the event as an opening keynote speaker for “Primary Futures” in Davos Platz Primary School.  The event gave the children a chance to meet international role models and World Economic Forum delegates. They got […]