Marty’s World: Meet Abigail

Illustration of Abigail, the human - A Smart Way To Start

Marty knows Abigail since she was four, And instantly knew they‘d be friends evermore.Abigail loves little insects that crawl,Cute ones and creepy ones – she likes them all! Ladybugs, beetles, wood ants and bees,Even the earwigs – it’s odd she love these!Think of the weirdest bugs that exist:If they’ve got six legs, then they’re on her list!  Grasshoppers, […]

Marty’s World: Meet Izzy

Illustration of Izzy, the human - A Smart Way To Start

Izzy is Marty’s good friend since grade one. Together the girls always have so much fun! Like Marty, she loves baby animals too, And sometimes she wishes she ran her own zoo: She’d like to give habitats and special care To all the endangered animals there. Above all, she wants to protect all the trees, […]