My Unexpected Learnings During The Fourth Book Launch

Here are snippets and snapshots during event day! “A Smart Way To…” is only the beginning!  Financial responsibility and gender pay equality have always been...

IMEX_Mara Harvey - Smart way to start

“Women and Risk, What’s the Deal”, My Interview on IMEX America

Dr. Mara Harvey’s interview with IMEX America. I was invited by IMEX America last October to give a quick talk with them about the women’s...

Marty_a_smart way to start

Marty’s World

Discover the SMART WAY TO START book characters and this background stories!Each character is not only superbly brought to life by the magical paintbrush strokes...

Latest research… not encouraging. Michela Carlana, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, analyzed the impact of teachers' gender stereotypes on student achievement. She finds that...

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