mara harvey at the world economic forum 2020

My Experience at the World Economic Forum 2020

In January, I had the pleasure and privilege of becoming a resource speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos. I participated in the event...

dr. mara harvey

Women’s Disadvantages in the Workplace

I had another interview with Vivamost where I talked about another issue close to my heart: the challenges faced by women at work. I know...

Marty receiving allowance

Why An Allowance Is The Best Tool For Financial Education

As parents, we often wrestle with the idea of giving money to our children. Two opposing thoughts often come to play when we are dealing...

Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

Prepare your kids for their financial future

​A smart way to start offers financial literacy for kids.
Spend a great moment with your child with these 4 books, written in a fun and engaging
way and accompanied by gorgeous watercolour graphics.