Thank you for your interest in my books. My hope is that through these stories, young children will learn important messages about money, equality, sustainability and impact in a playful way.

Books 1, 2 and 3 are now available on Amazon

A Smart Way to Start.

Financial confidence for kids – Book 1.  

A Smart Way to SAVE. 

Financial confidence for kids – Book 2.  

A Smart Way to SPEND. 

Financial confidence for kids – Book 3.  

A Smart Way to Spend Digital Money.

Financial confidence for kids – ending of Book 3
Secret chapter 

Discover on the last page of book 3 how to access this secret chapter ! 

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Let’s change the world, 
one money-message at a time. 


Looking for the perfect piggy bank?

Look no further! What better way to educate kids on money than with a piggy bank that has four slots, so pennies can be sorted for spending, saving, investing and donating. A wonderful gift for any little saver, available in four colours. We love Kinder-Cash!