Corporate offer

Gift confidence and equality to enable the next generation of girls to enter the workforce on equal terms

The World Economic Forum estimates that it will take 100+ years to close pay gaps. We can’t wait that long. In light of the cumulative impact of pay gaps on wealth creation and pensions, closing the gaps from a young age is vital.

Your organisation has committed to taking action in closing pay gaps, and this is great! 

Now we are inviting you to take the next step: to prevent future pay gaps.

With the book A SMART WAY TO START, we can equip young girls with the skills needed to know their worth and discuss equal pay, in a playful and compelling way. By bringing a new narrative on money, ethics and equality to girls, we engage all the boys and adults, too.

A corporate gift with broad impact

1. Employee Gift: engage all the women and all the men too, strengthening corporate values and attracting top talent.

2. Client Gift: surprise clients with an original gift, addressing topics that are close to everyone’s heart: education, ethics and equal pay. 

3. Corporate Gift: gift books to children in communities you operate in, to engage the next generation and enable girls to access the workforce on equal terms.

Communicate your decision to gift confidence and equality to girls, to reinforce your commitment to gender equality.

Leverage the messaging to engage suppliers  and create momentum for closing pay gaps across your supply chain.

Corporate Offer: CHF 10.- per book for a minimum of 100 copies. For volumes >1000 copies: custom print with corporate logo and messaging. Digital distribution available upon request. Custom rhymes / illustrations upon commission. For enquiries: email the author at

So join us in gifting confidence and an equal future to girls worldwide on Women’s Day, on Equality Day, or International Day of the Girl