Marty’s World: Forest Friends

One of the things that Marty enjoys, even more so than playing with toys, Is going for walks on a bright sunny day, over the fields and far, far away. Out in the woods, where the trees grow tall, Finding cute creatures… and naming them all! This is a story that she wants to share, […]

Marty’s World: Ocean Friends

Meet the fun ocean friends of Marty’s and Edmund’s summer in this fun rhyme poem. Help your kids learn why it’s important to protect the ocean, the fun way!

A Christmas story…

Xmas_Marty_Smart way to start

A Christmas story… A Smart way to Start 2019 Advent calendar: December 1 One Christmas night, not long ago, I woke up thinking: ho-ho-ho! I tiptoed quietly in the dark. No single light shone, not a spark. It wasn’t even morning yet. I went outside, my socks got wet. The snow lay pristine all around […]

Our new Birthday Book for children is live!

Why just gift money to a child when you can gift them money skills! 


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