Marty’s World: Meet Henry

Marty's World Meet Henry

Marty is happy when Grandpa comes by, He tells lots of stories and time just flies by. His first name is Henry, he’s gentle and kind, Though sometimes he’s strict, but the children don’t mind. Henry believes that the best thing to do On a warm sunny day is to go to the zoo. Armed […]

Marty’s World: Forest Friends

One of the things that Marty enjoys, even more so than playing with toys, Is going for walks on a bright sunny day, over the fields and far, far away. Out in the woods, where the trees grow tall, Finding cute creatures… and naming them all! This is a story that she wants to share, […]

Marty’s World: Meet Abigail

Illustration of Abigail, the human - A Smart Way To Start

Marty knows Abigail since she was four, And instantly knew they‘d be friends evermore.Abigail loves little insects that crawl,Cute ones and creepy ones – she likes them all! Ladybugs, beetles, wood ants and bees,Even the earwigs – it’s odd she love these!Think of the weirdest bugs that exist:If they’ve got six legs, then they’re on her list!  Grasshoppers, […]

Marty’s World: Meet Izzy

Illustration of Izzy, the human - A Smart Way To Start

Izzy is Marty’s good friend since grade one. Together the girls always have so much fun! Like Marty, she loves baby animals too, And sometimes she wishes she ran her own zoo: She’d like to give habitats and special care To all the endangered animals there. Above all, she wants to protect all the trees, […]

Marty’s World: Meet Milton

Illustration of Marty with Milton - A Smart Way To Start

Marty’s next friend is called Milton the mouse. He hides in his cage, in a small wooden house. Sometimes he runs for a while in his wheel. His legs move so fast, it makes Marty squeal! He really is funny, with his tiny snout, when he digs in the sawdust and throws it about. He […]

Marty’s World: Ocean Friends

Meet the fun ocean friends of Marty’s and Edmund’s summer in this fun rhyme poem. Help your kids learn why it’s important to protect the ocean, the fun way!

Marty’s World: Meet Albert

Illustration of Albert, the dog - A Smart Way To Start

Albert, the sausage dog, lives just next door. He’s old and he sleeps on a rug on the floor. His legs are quite short so he can’t jump up high and his favourite teddy is always nearby. When he sees Marty, he stands up and barks: he knows she will take him for walks in […]

Marty’s World: Meet Edmund

Illustration of Edmund, Marty's Brother - A Smart Way To Start

My bother is called Edmund.   He’s soon 12 years old. He enjoys going swimming,  even when it is cold. He loves going snorkelling  at the seaside, and plays by the rock pools  when it is low tide.    He wants to protect  all the oceans and seas, and make sure the water  is all plastic-free. […]

Marty’s World: Meet Adam


My father’s called Adam and he’s very tall. So tall that beside him I look very small! He enjoys telling jokes and he loves silly puns, We laugh – or we cringe – and it’s really such fun! My dad’s a great cook and I love what he bakes: the best apple crumble and coconut […]

Marty’s World: Meet Beatrix

marty's world: meet beatrix. a smart way to start by mara catherine harvey

My grandma is Beatrix. Her hair is all grey. She has lots of wrinkles that don’t go away. Her blue eyes light up whenever she smiles, and her favourite thing is walking for miles. She might not be young but she still is quite fit, she strolls through the fields and won’t stop to sit. […]