Marty’s World: Meet Emma

Emma, Marty's Mum

My mum is called Emma, and she’s such a dear. I admire her because she’s a smart engineer. She keeps on inventing new things every day, designing each piece in peculiar ways. Beyond all her gadgets, she really loves trees: she spends hours gardening, and saving the bees. She plants lots of flowers, so insects […]

Marty’s World: Meet Winston

Winston is Marty’s new Labrador pup. He runs very fast, she can barely keep up! … His light golden fur is as soft as can be, and Marty likes stroking his ears endlessly. … He likes to play catch and run after a ball, but he doesn’t come back, despite being called. … He’s still […]

Marty’s World: Meet George

George, Marty’s kitten, is all black and white. He sleeps during day and goes crazy at night! He races around at a neck-breaking pace, and when Marty holds him, he scratches her face. He can be quite vicious and hates being hugged. He’ll bite you and claw you, then walk off quite smug. But when […]

Marty’s World: Meet Francis

Francis is Marty’s inseparable friend! Their friendship is strong and won’t come to an end. Marty found Francis when he was just small He fell from his nest in a tree very tall. The poor little birdie lay flat on the ground, He might have been eaten, had he not been found! Lucky for Francis […]

A Christmas story…

Xmas_Marty_Smart way to start

A Christmas story… A Smart way to Start 2019 Advent calendar: December 1 One Christmas night, not long ago, I woke up thinking: ho-ho-ho! I tiptoed quietly in the dark. No single light shone, not a spark. It wasn’t even morning yet. I went outside, my socks got wet. The snow lay pristine all around […]

Marty’s World: Meet Marty!

Meet the protagonist, Marty! How lovely to see you! It’s great that you’re here! I’ll tell you about me,  and all I hold dear. My first name is Marty,  my surname is Banks and all my friends  nickname me…  Miss Smarty Pants! I really don’t mind though, it’s cool to be smart, That’s why my book’s […]