My TV Interview with CNN Money Switzerland

CNN_Mara_Harvey_Smart_Way_to_start (1)

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been interviewed by Ana Maria Montero of CNN Money Switzerland, where I got to talk about my advocacy for financial literacy for young girls (and boys.) In this interview, I got to share the statistics and motivations that got me to creating the  “Smart Way To Start” book series. […]

My Unexpected Learnings During The Fourth Book Launch

“A Smart Way To…” is only the beginning!  Financial responsibility and gender pay equality have always been dear to my heart and I’m glad that I’m helping parents slowly open up these conversations with their children. When I realized the huge impact parental guidance has on the financial habits of children, I set out to […]

“Women and Risk, What’s the Deal”, My Interview on IMEX America

IMEX_Mara Harvey - Smart way to start

I was invited by IMEX America last October to give a quick talk with them about the women’s financial confidence and the risks that women face when they give up on their financial decisionmaking. It’s been such a pleasure to share my advocacy, as well as the questions and decisions that lead to my decision […]

Book Launch and Anniversary Party!

A SMART WAY TO START is celebrating its first anniversary and YOU are invited!
And what a better way to celebrate than with the launch of book 4!!

Our new Birthday Book for children is live!

Why just gift money to a child when you can gift them money skills! 


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