SDG# 5 – Gender Equality

Let me pique your brain with a riddle before we dive into our today’s global developmental target. A father is driving his son to an interview for a position at a large stockbroker’s company in the city. Just as they arrive at the company’s parking lot, the son’s phone rings. He looks at his father […]

Love to Learn: How can you make your children embrace and support SDG# 4?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In 1960, at age 6, a small girl’s world came crashing down when she had to move from a secure and affectionate shelter with her grandmother to go live with her teenage mother in Milwaukee, USA. Everything she learned and hoped up until then was destroyed when she was removed from school because her mother […]

SDG# 4 – Quality Education

Good education breeds successful careers, a better lifestyle, good health and assurance of family well-being. No other primary right has surpassed education in terms of awareness and implementation. According to Eurostat data, the average salary of those with the highest education level after one year of higher education in the EU is 50% for those […]

Healthy Living: Parenting Ideas to execute SDG# 3


In our last post, we learnt about SDG# 3 – Good Health And Well-Being and how it is directly proportional to a country’s progress. Before we begin with our today’s article, I invite you to ponder upon an idea of “What does good health and well being mean to me and my family?” The answer […]

SDG# 3 – Good Health and Well-being

“Health is Wealth”   We all have grown up listening to this saying. During the mid-1800s, when America was going through an economic downturn, the health of many of its people also plummeted, resulting in hundreds of casualties which made the famous essayist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson pen the original phrase “The first wealth […]

The Little Things You can do Help World Hunger

The planet earth produces enough food for 10 billion people yearly and we are at 7.9 billion worldwide. That means, an excess good enough to keep everyone healthy. Still, there are 795 million hungry people and 3.1 million die of malnutrition annually. In our last post, we learned that production alone is not the problem […]

SDG #2 – No hunger

Food in many cultures is believed to nourish the soul and bring people together. Rightly so the lack of it impoverishes many countries to their foundations by impacting their very strength, the people. One functions at full potential only if one’s body gets a decent set of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and other vital supplements. Good […]

“Girl Power” for Parents – Mara’s Top Book Picks

Books are a window into the world of amazement and self-discovery. For generations, literature in the form of poetry and prose has empowered and inspired millions on their path to success. As I write my stories that I hope will shape your children’s future, I also wanted to share with all parents some of the […]

Resilience and Financial Parenting

Perhaps our kids are among the luckiest who have never lived through any major disasters such as war and natural hazards. So, the likelihood of their exposure to repercussions of such incidents is also most likely negligible. Having said that, the recent COVID pandemic is an absolute example where millions of families with children were […]

SDG#1 – No Poverty and How to teach kids about it?

“Mummy, why is that person sleeping on the floor?” “Daddy, what is being poor?”   It is not uncommon for parents to be confronted by children with such questions. Compelled by our excitement of their curiosity, we try to provide the answers that evoke positivity. We fret that the crude reality of some of that […]