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+ learn about the 4 Mistakes
that most parents make when
teaching their kids about Money


digital version of


+ learn about the 4 Mistakes that most parents make when teaching their kids about Money

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This is my gift to you

Because every child deserves a smart way to start

Hi, I’m Mara, the author of the SMART WAY TO START rhymed book series that offers Financial Literacy for kids.

I was advised not to give my entire first book away for free but I decided to do it anyway because I want to give every parent an opportunity to equip their child with essential Money Skills.

No child deserves to grow up with a disadvantage in life and make unnecessary financial Mistakes that could have easily been avoided had they learned essential Money Habits at an early age.

Unfortunately, school systems don’t do a very good job when it comes to teaching our children about Money, so it is up to us parents to take responsibility to teach our children basic Financial Literacy.

My first book is a great way to open a conversation with your child about Money and it is my gift to you, so you can start your Financial Parenting Journey without delay.

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Many girls’ and boys’ minds have already been set to succeed

Attention parents: be aware of the consequences you will face, when giving this book to your daughter to read! This will result in tough discussions regarding pocket money, salaries and investments - as I have with my wonderful daughter, becoming a keen great!
Dr. Stephan M. Hauska
Germany, Sept 2021

Avoid these 4 Mistakes Parents Make When Teaching their children about money

and Help Your Child Unlock the Power of Financial Literacy

The book series A SMART WAY TO START didn’t come out of the blue.

During my research, I’ve spoken to countless parents who’ve provided me with valuable feedback — including the Mistakes they made when teaching their children about Money.

I’ve distilled their stories down to the 4 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make When Teaching Their Kids About Money.

When you download my free E-BOOK I will share these 4 Mistakes with you and give you a few tips on how to avoid making them.

Start your Financial Parenting Journey:

Dear Mara, thank you for this lovely book set. After reading book 2, my 7 year old daughter asked me to take her to the bank! I told her we’ll go when she has counted all her pennies!"
Nov 2020