Studies have shown that as early as 5-7 years old, children begin to develop confidence and money habits.

Habits that can shape their attitude towards money later in life. Gender pay gaps start to appear in the form of pocket money.

Unfortunately, we unknowingly perpetuate bad money habits and financial inequality without realising it.

This needs to change. It’s time to start up this conversation with your child sooner than later. Smart Way To Start will allow you to teach your kids how to earn, save, manage their own money, and to become financially responsible through real-world exercises. All while having fun!

Secure your child’s future. Have fun. Be their hero!

“Thank you so much for the lovely books. I have read them all this afternoon and I understand now the concepts in your book a lot better than before. In fact, I didn’t know about some of them at all. I’ve now decided to go to the bank tomorrow with my dad and set up my first savings account, I’m very excited about it.”

Mollie, 9 years old reader

Teach your little ones how money works early!

Introduce financial responsibility to your kids and learn how to properly explain financial jargon through fun illustrations and rhymes!

With this book you’ll be able to:

1. Mold your children to be financially responsible through real-life exercises!
2. Easily explain the concept of money, its value, and its ethics!
3. Educate your kids about equality and sustainability!
4. Teach them about the importance of earning, saving, spending and decision making!

And, most importantly, have fun doing it!

“It’s so entertaining, so cleverly written, with its funny sides and still disclosing in a frank way very honest facts with a clear message for a solution!”


It's more than just a book, it's the ultimate gift!

Our school systems are failing us when it comes to financial literacy and educating our children on how money can be a force for good.

With this book you’ll be able to:

When was the first time somebody sat you down to talk about your finances? Did some-body ever ask you in the first place? Or were you left alone to figure it all out?

As parents, we want only what’s best for them and the best way to do it is by ensuring they’re equipped with the right amount of confidence, mindset, and attitude towards financial stability!

Hi, I'm Dr. Mara Harvey.

Financial Justice Champion Award Winner of 2018 Winner 2018 (The Bridge, Berlin)

….the author of this book and like you……

I was introduced to the learning curve of handling my nances much later in life which led to many shortcomings, missed opportunities, and headaches. Don’t let your children experience the same thing. Give them an early advantage now!

Dr. Mara Harvey

Shelley Zafilis, CEO, The Female Quotient

“…it’s like the Dr. Seuss for financial confidence. Confidence starts at the age of five. Kids need to be comfortable talking about money and power from an early age, because financial empowerment is women’s empowerment. This book is a step in the right direction, and a must-read for the next generation of leaders..”

We need to tackle the root cause

“…studies conducted in Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany show that boys get on average 10 to 30% more pocket money than girls. That’s where pay gaps start! This shocked me because, as parents, we are confident that we treat our children identically. However collectively, we are perpetuating inequality……

We need to tackle the root cause, i.e. biased semantics around money, as of an early age.

What do you wish for your child in the workplace?

It’s a series of poems about financial confidence. “In Switzerland, one of the world’s most sophisticated financial markets, it’s been barely 30 years since married women are allowed to open bank accounts without their husband’s consent. Equality is still very young. And financial confidence, women’s access to capital, and women’s involvement in managing money are the last frontiers to economic gender equality,” says Harvey.

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“A Smart Way To Start” will help you prepare your kids by developing the correct knowledge and attitude towards money! All while having fun!


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