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Marty’s World: Forest Friends

One of the things that Marty enjoys,

even more so than playing with toys,

Is going for walks on a bright sunny day,

over the fields and far, far away.

Out in the woods, where the trees grow tall,

Finding cute creatures… and naming them all!

This is a story that she wants to share,

about all the woodland animals there.

Animal spotting and giving them names

Is one of Marty’s most favourite games!

It takes lots of patience – and a sharp eye,

While strolling around in the forest nearby.

So many creatures, big ones and small,

Some timid, some scary… she likes them all.

All Marty’s friends can join in the fun,

Naming each animal under the sun!

Marty and Edmund set out for a walk

They don’t make a noise and they whisper to talk. 

They really enjoy spending hours and hours

Walking along little paths lined with flowers.

To get to the forest takes quite a while,

But crossing the fields on their way makes them smile…

Something is moving… what might it be?

The children stand still. What is it they see?

Two sets of ears stick out from the grass: 

It must be the hares, who run ever so fast! 

Harriett and Harrison are the hares’ names. 

What a great start to a very fun game! 

They suddenly see something bushy and red…

A squirrel is climbing an oak up ahead. 

She dashes around on a branch of the tree,

graceful and agile… her name is Sophie!

Under the oak tree, something else moves…

With beautiful antlers and very hard hooves:

Stanley the stag, a magnificent deer,

Who doesn’t like wanderers coming too near. 

If you are lucky, you might see him graze

At the edge of the woods on warm sunny days. 

So tread very softly, each step must be slow,

And be very silent wherever you go. 

Into the forest the children now tread…

And spot an odd creature with stripes on its head!

Benjamin badger is terribly shy.

He hides in the bushes when Marty walks by. 

He is gone long before she can get a good look,

off through the undergrowth down by the brook.

His fur is all grey, his head black and white,

And mostly he prowls in the woods late at night! 

Some creatures are quite hard to see during day.

They appear after dusk to go hunting for prey.

Ophelia the Owl has large orange eyes.

Her wing span is huge and she swoops when she flies.

She’s ever so silent, you can’t hear a sound,

And during the day she is not to be found!

Betsy the bat darts around in the night.

You don’t often see her, when it is light.

When Marty sees Betsy she gets a bit scared,

In case she flies close and gets stuck in her hair!

Walter the wolf has never been seen.

His fur is all grey and speckled and sheen. 

He prowls late at night, and howls at the moon…

Edmund hopes he’ll catch a glimpse of him soon.

There are many more creatures they both wish to see. 

Some of their favourite live overseas. 

They once went to Canada, far far away,

Exploring the forests and hiking for days.

They loved every animal that they saw there: 

Chipmunks, racoons, and even a bear!

The smaller and friendlier creatures were fun,

And It was the best hike that they’d ever done!

Brian the bear was seen from afar, 

Driving up into the mountains by car.

Had they been hiking and seen a big bear,

They both would have certainly been very scared! 

Edmund thought Richard would be a good name

For a little raccoon, who seemed almost tame.

Seeing one close up was ever so great:

He loved how it washed all the food that it ate! 

The chipmunks were simply the cutest of all!

Ever so friendly and not scared at all! 

If you bring nuts, they’ll eat from your palm.

You might even stroke one, if you stay calm.

Charlotte the chipmunk was ever so sweet,

With soft stripy fur and the tiniest feet!

If Marty sat quietly down on the ground

and laid out her hand, without making a sound…

Charlotte would run down the tree and come close,

Checking if Marty had what she loved most: 

She’d nibble away, being greedy indeed, 

Each time Marty gave her a sunflower seed. 

She’d pick them up gently with her tiny feet,

And Marty had so much fun watching her eat! 

This is why Marty loves forests and fields:

Homes of the animals, insects and bees. 

She likes all the parks and nature reserves

Where land is protected and wildlife preserved.

Next time you go to the woods for a hike,

Try to spot all of the creatures you like.

Strolling along, you can play Marty’s game:

Giving the animals each a nice name!


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