Marty’s World: Meet Izzy

Illustration of Izzy, the human - A Smart Way To Start

Izzy is Marty’s good friend since grade one.

Together the girls always have so much fun!

Like Marty, she loves baby animals too,

And sometimes she wishes she ran her own zoo:

She’d like to give habitats and special care

To all the endangered animals there.

Above all, she wants to protect all the trees,

So animals thrive in the wild and are free.

When forest are cut, the animals die,

And thinking about it makes poor Izzy cry!

Here’s what she dreams, and what makes her smile:

To reinsert animals into the wild!

Just like the Bilbies! She read about those:

From almost extinct, their number now grows.

They look like small bunnies, with noses like shrews

And they hop around like small kangaroos!

They have little pouches to carry their young,

And their black and white tails are ever so fun!

The poor little bilbies were almost wiped out.

They now need protection and help, without doubt!

They need open spaces with bushes and shrubs,

Without any wild cats who’d eat them all up!

Protect every species and help them to thrive:

That’s what she’ll focus on all of her life!

And for her big dreams, she has what she needs:

some money she earned and a smart plan indeed!

Illustration of Izzy, the human - A Smart Way To Start

Favourite animals

Bilbies, salamanders and topical frogs.


Favourite quote:

“We have no other spare or replacement planet. We have only this one and we have to take action.”


Izzy is named after Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores 

(1973 – 2016), who was a Honduran environmental and human rights activist. Already as a student, she co-founded an organisation to support indigenous people’s rights and led campaigns on a wide variety of issues, including protesting illegal logging. She supported gender equality and LGBT rights, too.

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