Marty’s World: Meet Adam

Marty’s World: Meet Adam

My father’s called Adam
and he’s very tall.
So tall that beside him
I look very small!
He enjoys telling jokes
and he loves silly puns,
We laugh - or we cringe -
and it’s really such fun!

My dad’s a great cook
and I love what he bakes:
the best apple crumble
and coconut cake.
When it comes to our chores,
here’s what he’ll tell:
“If a job is worth doing,
it’s worth doing well.”

We’ve heard this a million times,
if not more.
So Edmund and I
must always make sure
we’ve done all our work,
and checked how it’s done,
then we can go out
and play in the sun.

martys world

Favourite Joke
What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

Nacho Cheese

Favourite Quote
All money is a matter of belief.

Adam named after Adam Smith (1723-1790), who is a famous Scottish economist, moral philosopher and pioneer of political economy, who laid the foundations of free markets and the division of labour.

Mara Harvey

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