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Facts & Figures WOMEN AND RISK: REWRITING THE RULES, by Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey (Dr. Rer. Pol.), Nikolai Intelligence & Publishing, Berlin 2018  POCKET MONEY PAY GAPS WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM The pocket money gender gap -12% and growing. THE GUARDIAN Gender pay gap starts early with 20% disparity in pocket money. FINANCIAL TIMES Gender pocket […]

A smart way to start doing good – 17 sustainable development goals

Teach your child 17 Sustainable Development Goals GET FREE eBook For personal use only. For commercial partnerships and broader distribution please contact the author. Please help us spread the message, share SDG on: Your browser does not support the audio element. What are the SDGs?The SDGs are short for the Sustainable Development Goals. It is […]


Welometo the world of Financial parenting Shape your kids’ financial future START HERE Welometo the world of Financial parenting Shape your kids’ financial future START HERE Smart Financial Parenting START HERE FINANCIAL LITERACY book series for kids Explore the books FREE SDG eBook Marty’s World Meet Marty Explore SDG meet our founder dr. Mara C. […]

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Dr. Mara C. Harvey Get to know our founder Founder & CEO of Smartwaytostart.com. FINANCIAL PARENTING PIONEER. Author, Keynote Speaker & SDG Advocate. Linkedin-in Instagram Twitter Featured in: SEE MORE > “My vision is to empower children worldwide to grow up financially literate and understand how our daily money choices impact our world.” Founder & […]


About us Meet the Smart Way to Start Team We’ll tell you why financial parenting and financial literacy for kids is so dear to our hearts! OUR MISSION “Money is not just a transmission of value: it’s a transmission of values.” dr. Mara C. Harvey I am Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey and am the author, […]


Testimonials https://smartwaytostart.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/A-Smart-Way-To-Start.mp4 “THANK YOU MARTY! Dear Mara, thank you for this lovely book set. After reading book 2, my 7 year old daughter asked me to take her to the bank! I told her we’ll go when she has counted all her pennies!” Hélène Nov 2020 Attention parents: be aware of the consequences you will […]

Parent Zone

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Welcome to Parent Zone Welcome to the Parent Zone! Welcome, dear Parents, do come along in!This is a space where we’ll help you beginYour financial parenting journey with us.We’ll make it quite simple, without any fuss. You’ll find lots of guidance, we’ll go step by step.And before you get started, we’ll help you to prep.We’ll cover […]


WELCOME TO THE SECRET CHAPTER English French German Discover the secret chapter of book 3: A Smart Way To Spend: Digital Money You read about spending and how to be smart. You learnt about planning, a great way to start. Now what if the money you‘re spending this time, is digital only – it’s only […]

Martys World

Blog - Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

Welcome to Marty’s World Welcome to Marty’s World Welcome, my friend! Step into my world, There’s lots to explore for each boy and girl. It’s so nice to meet you! It’s great that you’re here. Come in and I’ll share with you all I hold dear…   You’ll meet all my family and all my […]