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Gift confidence and equality to enable the next generation of kids to enter the workforce on equal terms ​A corporate gift with broad impact Communicate your decision to gift confidence and equality to kids to reinforce your commitment to gender equality. Leverage the messaging to engage suppliers and create momentum for closing pay gaps across your supply chain. 1. […]

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Marty’s World: Meet Abigail Marty’s world is full of amazing people. It’s time you Meet Marty’s smart and bug-loving childhood friend, Abigail! READ MORE My Innovating Advice: Develop Women’s Financial Confidence I was fortunate enough be invited as guest speaker on Kate Holmes’ Innovating Advice podcast. I got to talk about my advocacy for women’s […]


Rhymed Money Stories for Kids LEARN MORE Financial Parenting Starter kit SPECIAL OFFER5 Books + Free Online Course + Bonus Pack Read the whole series of rhymed stories to your children and teach them in a fun way how to handle every aspect of money Take our introductory online course 4 Money Habits You Must […]


Everything you need to get started Yes! It’s all free!​ Step #1 – Spread The Word & Shape Our Children’s Financial Future Please help us to spread the word so more kids can enjoy a Smart Way To Start and embark on their financial literacy journey. We believe every child on the planet needs to […]