Smart Bundle With Free Sticker Sheet

Book 1: A Smart Way To Start
Book 2: A Smart Way To Save
Book 3: A Smart Way To Spend
eBook 3; A Smart Way to Spend | Digital Money (Additional Chapters)
Book 4: A Smart Choice Make
+ Free Sticker Sheet

Smart Bundle With Free Sticker Sheet

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Read the whole series of rhymed stories to your children and teach them in a fun way how to handle every aspect of money.

A SMART WAY TO START (Book 1) on earning money and equal pay.
A SMART WAY TO SAVE (Book 2) on saving the hard-earned money,
A SMART WAY TO SPEND (Book 3) on how to spend it right,
A SMART WAY TO SPEND DIGITAL MONEY (Ebook, Secret Chapter of Book 3) on how to spend
digital money with care,
A SMART CHOICE TO MAKE (Book 4) on doing good for the environment with your money
A SMART WAY TO START DOING GOOD (Book 5) on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Get all the books with a 15% discount + 1 FREE Sticker Sheet!
4x 32 pages + 1x 8 pages PDF, 1x 50 pages


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