Dr. Seuss knew that simple rhymes are the best way to deliver lessons to children. Now Dr. Mara Harvey has created a modern twist with A Smart Way To Start: It’s like the Dr. Seuss for financial confidence. Confidence starts at the age of five. Girls need to be comfortable talking about money and power from an early age, because financial empowerment is women’s empowerment. This book is a step in the right direction, and a must-read for the next generation of leaders.  Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient 

Various studies conducted in Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany show that boys get on average 10 to 30% more pocket money than girls. That’s where pay gaps start! This shocked me because, as parents, we are confident that we treat our children identically. However collectively, we are perpetuating inequality. I realized that the whole purpose of my work, whether as a researcher at the university or at the bank, was addressing the problems almost twenty years too late. We need to tackle the root cause, i.e. biased semantics around money, as of an early age.

Tout se joue à l’âge de l’argent de poche, PME Magazine, No. 06, Juin 2019

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Readers' feedback

“I absolutely LOVE it! Oh my goodness, this is so so sooo cool. I enjoy the writing and the drawings and the final product is just so valuable and beautiful!”

“Yesterday my daughter and I finished book 1. She has learnt already a lot and she truly enjoyed it! We took the chance to talk about how people buy houses, we watched videos about gender pay gap, we start planning how to pay chores. Unbelievable! So much in a few pages… thanks once again. She is now convinced that at times girls are paid less than boys to perform the same task but actually girls ALWAYS perform that task better!”

“I just ordered 6 books. All girls (and their parents) loooove it and find the topic very important when raising our girls to strong and confident women!”

“When I gave Clara your book today she was so impressed by everything, that she said the following: „Mom, this gift just inspired me to become a writer“. Isn’t it amazing? Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I couldn’t wait to read it all before I express to you my gratitude for being such an inspirational role model not only for women and men around the world but also for kids. I can’t wait for the launch of the next 3 books and store them in my library for the next generation of girls and boys to get educated on this topic on best way possible. It’s so entertaining, so cleverly written, with its funny sides and still disclosing in a frank way very honest facts with clear message for solution!”