Rhymed Money Stories for Kids

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Marty's Smart WAY Bundle + 1 FREE Sticker Sheet

Read the whole series of rhymed stories to your children and teach them in a fun way how to handle every aspect of money.

A SMART WAY TO START (Book 1) on earning money and equal pay.
A SMART WAY TO SAVE (Book 2) on saving the hard-earned money.
A SMART WAY TO SPEND (Book 3) on how to spend it right.
A SMART WAY TO SPEND DIGITAL MONEY (Ebook, Secret Chapter of Book 3) on how to spend digital money with care.
A SMART CHOICE TO MAKE (Book 4) on doing good for the environment with your money choices.
A SMART WAY TO START DOING GOOD (Book 5) on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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A Smart Way To Start

A Smart Way To Start teaches children about earning money and equal pay.
For all the children’s life goals, there are two things they will need: some money to start and a smart plan indeed.
Children learn how money needs to be earned chore by chore, and how there is no reason whatsoever for a girl to be paid less than a boy for the exact same chore, done equally well.

ISBN 978-3-9525007-0-5, 32 pages


A Smart Way To Save

Book 2 – A Smart Way To Save – encourages children to save their pennies and to enjoy math, using addition and multiplication to calculate how much money is in their piggy bank. It goes on to explain how money in a piggy bank cannot grow because it has nowhere to go. In order to grow, the pennies need to be put on a savings account. The book explains in very
simple terms that interest is what makes money grow over the years.

ISBN 978-3-9525007-2-9, 32 pages



Book 3 – A Smart Way to Spend – teaches to children to ponder and plan wisely every spending choice. It is easy to get carried away and spend all one’s pocket money on things that might not be necessary or that might be poor quality and end up in the bin. Often it is wiser to wait, save a bit more, and purchase something of higher quality that will last. At the end of the story, discover the link to a SECRET CHAPTER on digital money…

ISBN 978-3-9525007-3-6, 32 pages



Book 3 ends with a Secret Chapter – A Smart Way to Spend Digital Money. It teaches children that you need to be very careful when spending digital money because with a swipe or a tap it is spent and it’s gone! It also explains in a simple way the notion of credit card debt and why it is better to earn and then spend, rather than end up with debt. The same way you cannot touch digital money, you cannot touch this book ether. It is DIGITAL ONLY.

Ebook, PDF, 8 pages



Book 4 – A Smart Choice To Make – teaches children about sustainability and impact. By spending the pennies they earned and saved, children are giving money to firms/brands who make the things they buy. Some firms do better than others in caring for the environment when they produce things. If children had their say, would they give money to firms that don’t care or rather to firms that do care for the planet? This book teaches children that they do have a voice because they can make choices that matter with their money.

ISBN 978-3-9525007-4-3, 32 pages



Book 5 – A Smart Way To Start Doing Good (SDG) – teaches children about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. What does the world need to become a better place and for our future to be sustainable? What problems do we need to solve and what role can we all play? Can our daily money choices make a difference? With this rhymed story, learning
about the SDGs is as easy as learning the ABC.

ISBN 978-3-9525007-5-0, 50 pages


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