The Little Things You can do Help World Hunger

The planet earth produces enough food for 10 billion people yearly and we are at 7.9 billion worldwide. That means, an excess good enough to keep everyone healthy. Still, there are 795 million hungry people and 3.1 million die of malnutrition annually. In our last post, we learned that production alone is not the problem […]

SDG #2 – No hunger

Food in many cultures is believed to nourish the soul and bring people together. Rightly so the lack of it impoverishes many countries to their foundations by impacting their very strength, the people. One functions at full potential only if one’s body gets a decent set of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and other vital supplements. Good […]

“Girl Power” for Parents – Mara’s Top Book Picks

Books are a window into the world of amazement and self-discovery. For generations, literature in the form of poetry and prose has empowered and inspired millions on their path to success. As I write my stories that I hope will shape your children’s future, I also wanted to share with all parents some of the […]

Resilience and Financial Parenting

Perhaps our kids are among the luckiest who have never lived through any major disasters such as war and natural hazards. So, the likelihood of their exposure to repercussions of such incidents is also most likely negligible. Having said that, the recent COVID pandemic is an absolute example where millions of families with children were […]

Our new Birthday Book for children is live!

Why just gift money to a child when you can gift them money skills! 


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