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Why Us?

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Why Us?

A Smart Way To Start helps busy parents to educate their children on money and values from an early age, to give them a head-start in life and prepare them for their financial future - and it’s short, simple and fun.

The idea for rhymed children’s books on money comes from Zurich based author, Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, who works in the financial industry since over two decades. Being surrounded by this topic every day, she realized that daily money decisions are the most untapped source of positive social change and are a key enabler for economic gender equality. 

3 key facts triggered her writing:  1.) that confidence is shaped by age 5, 2.) that money habits are largely shaped by age 7, 3.) that many girls already experience pocket money pay gaps by age 10. These insights led her to write this series of books, aiming to empower young girls especially. The books aim to teach girls (and boys alike) the basics of money and finance.

The books are suitable for boys and girls alike, and are dedicated to all parents who want their children to grow up financially confident and with strong money ethics.

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Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

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Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

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Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

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"I couldn’t wait to read it all before I express to you my gratitude for being such an inspirational role model not only for women and men around the world but also for kids. I can’t wait for the launch of the next 3 books and store them in my library for the next generation of girls and boys to get educated on this topic on best way possible. It’s so entertaining, so cleverly written, with its funny sides and still disclosing in a frank way very honest facts with clear message for solution!"


I just want to thank you for your great book „Women and Risk“. Your thoughts about the externalization of costs, economic growth as well as the bias of gender that may be transferred to new technologies like AI are so clear and true. A very condensed book! Hopefully, many people will read it and get new ideas on how to support the necessary changes! (Buxtehude, Germany)

Barbara Buxtehude, Germany

Very grateful that people like you are the role models for the next leadership class of women!!! And in India - at the Shanti Bhavan School.
I have also spread the word for equal opportunities and women empowerment through your wonderful hashtag ASmartWayToStart book which has been so warmly received by all the little girls - the future women leaders. Once again, thank you for your generous gift. Surprisingly but not so much, the little boys wanted their own similar book too… and what amazed me the most is that they are curious about the WHY should girls be different from boys when they are equal. Everybody is inspired!

Petronela - Switzerland

Thank you for the engaging and insightful panel this evening at the ResponsAbility hosted event - 'The Future of Finance is Female'. I left feeling inspired and committed to continuing my work towards all of the SDGs, and particularly Goal 5 around Gender Equality,

I am sure you hear this often, but you are an authentic and engaging speaker, the personal anecdotes, research and stats, and the manner with which you speak with conviction is incredible, combined with your clearly accomplished career, that is a powerful combination. It was an absolute pleasure listening to you.

Looking forward to following your career and your work (as I head over to Amazon to buy your books for all of my friend's children!).

Kelsi - Switzerland

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Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

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Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey