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Smart way to start by Mara Catherine Harvey

Discover the SMART WAY TO START book characters
and their background stories!

Each character is not only superbly brought to life by the magical paintbrush strokes of Marijo Ilustrajo - they also have unique stories and fun facts to share with you. They are all named after famous people so come on us on a journey to discover all the sources of inspiration behind the SMART WAY TO START series!

Let’s start with our protagonist: Marty!

How lovely to see you!
It’s great that you’re here!
I’ll tell you about me, 
and all I hold dear.
My first name is Marty, 
my surname is Banks
and all my friends 
nickname me… 
Miss Smarty Pants!
I really don’t mind though,
it’s cool to be smart,
That’s why my book's called 
“A Smart Way to Start”.

I’m soon 9 years old and I do love to read:
each book is quite like an adventure, indeed.
When I’m not reading, I go out and play
with all sorts of animals, day after day.
My dream is to study to be a great vet
so I can take care of anyone’s pet!
I’d have my own practice and be CEO,
I’d hire lots of people 
and make my firm grow.

My dad sometimes says 
I should run my own farm,
and rescue lost pets, 
so they come to no harm.
My friends think a start-up 
like “rent your own pet”
would be a great business, 
but I’m not sure yet…
My mum thinks I should 
make my wishes come true,
she says there is nothing that I cannot do,
If I am prepared to work hard every day,
do well at school and do chores to get paid.

That’s what I love least: 
doing my chores.
Some of them really do 
make me feel bored.
But chores must be done,
so I might as well smile,
do them well, do them fast, 
then play for a while.  
And for my big dreams, 
I know what I need:
some money to start, 
and a smart plan indeed!
I’ll share what I’ve learnt 
now my journey’s begun.
This is my story. 
I hope you’ll have fun!

Fun Fact

Did you know that if you search
the internet, you’ll find lots of
famous men called Marty, but
not a single woman! I think it’s
time to change that! One day,
I hope I will be the first world
famous Marty for having done
great things to support equality,
financial literacy and nature

Favourite Animals

Squirrels, chipmunks 
and munchkin cats. 


Bertrand Blancheton

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