It’s Time to Start Actively Shaping Your Kids’ Financial Future.

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Your Introduction to Financial Parenting

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Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey​

Author of A Smart Way to Start book series & course instructor

Give Your Child the Invaluable Gift of Financial Literacy

Teaching children basic Financial Literacy is a core task of being a responsible parent.
Yet too many parents avoid or delay having conversations about money with their children until it is too late, missing their most formative years

Even though you can’t control every aspect of your child’s future as a parent, money stress is something that is in your power to help them avoid – if you teach them the right Money Skills.

Our FINANCIAL PARENTING Starter Kit will equip you with all necessary tools you need to start your Financial Parenting Journey right away. 

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What is inside?

Tool 1

4 MONEY HABITS you must teach your Kids to secure their financial future

4 MONEY HABITS is an introductory online course that will show you how to kick-off your Financial Parenting so you can start Actively Shaping Your Kids’ Financial Future today.

It will take you 5 days, 15 minutes a day to complete, and we made sure it is easy to implement so you can start: 

Preview Lesson

INTRODUCTION to 4 money habits online course


Before we begin our Financial Parenting Journey we need to go over a few things to ensure your journey is successful.

What does it take to be your child’s best money role model?

Which money messages do you want your child to grow up with?

Should you give your child an allowance or pay for chores?

How can you teach your child the value of money?

When you teach your child the HABIT of EARNING, they will grow up as a young adult with good work ethics & good negotiation skills and will understand the value of money.


Work Ethics & Equality

How to create successful saving rituals?

Why is a piggy bank a good start but not a good solution?

When you teach your child the HABIT of SAVING, they will grow up with a better sense of self-control, capable of practicing moderation and will be a master of their own impulses.


Patience & Resilience & Self-Control

How can your child learn not to spend impulsively?

How can you teach them to plan before spending?

When you teach your child the HABIT of SMART SPENDING, they will grow up into a young adult who makes Smarter decisions, thinks ahead and Plans before they jump onto new opportunities.


Strategy, Planning, Prioritisation

How can you explain the impact of Money Choices to your child?

Can your child’s money choices really make a difference?

When you teach your child the HABIT of MAKING SMART CHOICES, they will grow up into conscious, compassionate young adults, empowered and passionate about making the world a better place.


Compassion, impact

Tool 2

5 Book Set + Sticker Sheet

A Smart Way to Start Book Series are a great tool that will help you start those important conversations with your child about money. Our Financial Parenting Starter Kit includes an entire book series of 5 books to help your child learn essential 4 Money Habits (Earning, Saving, Spending, Making Good Money choices).

All Books are written in Rhymes to make learning fun and enjoyable for your child.

Tool 3

Bonus Pack

Our Financial Parenting Bonus Pack will give you all essential tools you need to start your Financial Parenting journey.

✓ Money Messages Guide – PDF Fillable
✓ Money Manifesto – Printable PDF
✓ Smart Earning Plan
 Smart Saving Plan
✓ Saving Jar Labels + Tracker
✓ Smart Spending Plan
✓ Smart Choices Plan

Many girls’ and boys’ minds have already been set to succeed

Dear Mara, thank you for this lovely book set. After reading book 2, my 7 year old daughter asked me to take her to the bank! I told her we’ll go when she has counted all her pennies!"
Nov 2020
Attention parents: be aware of the consequences you will face, when giving this book to your daughter to read! This will result in tough discussions regarding pocket money, salaries and investments - as I have with my wonderful daughter, becoming a keen great!
Dr. Stephan M. Hauska
Germany, Sept 2021

Meet Mara

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

Founder of the Smart Way to Start, Financial Parenting Pioneer & Senior Leader in Finance.

Hi, I’m Mara, I am the author of the SMART WAY TO START rhymed book series that offers Financial Literacy for kids.

As a parent, like you, I want nothing but the best for my children.

Personally, I didn’t feel equipped with the financial know-how and confidence I needed until I was in my late 30s, despite being an economist by background. This led to so many missed opportunities, time wasted and money stress that could have been avoided.

As a senior leader in finance, I saw that I wasn’t alone in this. Too many adults experience regrettable life circumstances because they made Financial Mistakes that could have been easily prevented if they had learned how money works early in life.

For this reason, I made it my mission to teach parents all around the world how to start educating their children about Money and take steps to become good Financial Role Models for their children.

In my five-day course, 4 Money Habits You Must Teach Your Kids to Secure their Financial Future, I will take you on a fun and engaging journey where you will learn how to teach your children the basics of Financial Literacy.

P.S. If you feel you also suffer from Financial Stress because no one took responsibility for your financial education when you were a child, this course will help you also reflect on Money Matters relevant to you as an adult.

Why you can’t wait to start with financial parenting



Your child is absorbing your money behaviors every single day, whether they see you interacting with money or not


If your relationship with money is not clearly visible to your child, this can have a huge negative impact on their future

by the age of 5 your child will adopt your money behaviors and by age 7, their attitude towards money is largely defined for life.

If you wait to start with your financial parenting:

  • You will miss the window of opportunity to shape great Money Habits during your child’s most formative years (ages 5-7).
  • Your child will grow up with unnecessary disadvantages in life. They will most likely make Mistakes that most young adults make that could be easily avoided.
  • You will miss the opportunity to shape your child’s Money Habits as early as possible – the older the children, the harder it is to instill these Habits, so they become subconscious and automatic behavior to children.
  • You will continue to worry about whether you are doing enough as a parent to secure your child’s Financial Future.




Online Course  +   Book Set  +   Bonus Pack


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